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VCOrganizer Pro sync android with Outlook client.

VCOrganizer Pro allows for secure storage of important notes, tasks, contacts and events. It sync with Outlook client using WiFi or Bluetooth.

If you are using Android Tablet(3.0+), please download the VCOrganizer Tab.

*** To avoid any unhappy experiences, before purchasing, please try the free App VCOrganizer Lite from Market, with 14 days free trial. ***

- Sync Outlook Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Events
- Sync with Outlook using WiFi
- Sync with Outlook using Bluetooth for Android 2.0+ (need to purchase additional Bluetooth extension module, please search VCO-BluetoothExt from Market)
- Sync with Outlook using USB (Android 2.2 or above, using mobile built-in USB Tethering)
- Support MS Outlook Client 2003, 2007&2010
- Password and Pattern lock
- AES Encryption
- Backup/Restore from SD card
- Send Notes, Tasks, Contacts and Events as SMS
- Notes/Tasks/Events/Contacts Widgets
- Notes/Tasks/Calendar/Contacts Shortcuts
- AutoSync (you need to purchase the AutoSync Extension, pls search VCOrganizer AutoSync from the market)

Languages: English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French(Beta)

Due to Android encryption issue in Android 2.3, please read our FAQ 44 before upgrading to Android 2.3

Keywords: Outlook, sync, GTD, task, note, event, calendar, contact, secure, encrypt, appointment, bluetooth, wifi, sync, auto, schedule

1) ****** Please read FAQ before considering purchasing: ********

2) When sync Contacts with Outlook, due to the different of data structure between Android Contact App and Outlook, not all contacts on your mobile can be synced to Outlook directly. Please see the FAQ for details:
9. Why the Sync is so slow at the first time?
16 Some of my contacts are not synced to Outlook why and how to fix it?

3) For existing customers, upgrading from Version 3, please read the FAQ 39 for upgrade steps.

39 How to Upgrade to VCOrganizer 4?


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